Natural Energy of East

Natural Energy is the most profound healer. It can be the most soothing way to relax your mind, body and spirit.  It helps to heal deep-seated emotions and brings out great insights to make your life calm and peaceful.

Some key indicators to harness the Natural Energy of the East Direction, its associations, emotions, and the recommended activities.

AssociationsSpring, Sunrise, and Thunder
KeywordsNew, Fresh, Loud, Temporary, Electric, Active, and Beginning
Energy FlowUp, Fast, Concentrated, and Fluid
Suggested ActivityGo outside very early in the morning before sunrise, walk barefoot on the grass, feel the dew, and watch the sunrise
It would be even better if you are able to experience a thunderstorm
Potential EmotionYou might feel the energy rise around you and you may feel enthused and ready to move forward
Take note of the feelings and emotions that rise up at the beginning of the day and the electric excitement of the storm
Desirable EmotionTry to harness the emotions of ambition, assertiveness, activeness, enthusiasm, and confidence
Undesirable EmotionBe aware of feelings of impatience, irritation, loudness, anger, and hurried rush

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