Natural Energy of South

Natural Energy is the most profound healer. It can be the most soothing way to relax your mind, body and spirit.  It helps to heal deep-seated emotions and brings out great insights to make your life calm and peaceful.

Some key indicators to harness the Natural Energy of the South Direction, its associations, emotions, and the recommended activities.

AssociationsSummer, Midday, and Fire
KeywordsHot Bright, Radiant, Expansive, Shimmering, and Vibrant
Energy FlowOutward, Fast, Thin, and Volatile
Suggested ActivityRelax in the midday sun and notice the flowers in bloom, the colours around you, the radiant heat, the brightness, and activity
Potential EmotionBe conscious of your own energy flowing and moving to the surface
You might feel expressive, outgoing, and social
Desirable EmotionTry to harness the emotions of passion, expression, radiance, social, outgoing, openness, warmth, entertaining, noticeable, and quick-mindedness
Undesirable EmotionBe aware of feelings of stress, being argumentative, and agitation

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