Natural Energy of West

Natural Energy is the most profound healer. It can be the most soothing way to relax your mind, body and spirit.  It helps to heal deep-seated emotions and brings out great insights to make your life calm and peaceful.

Some key indicators to harness the Natural Energy of the West Direction, its associations, emotions, and the recommended activities.

AssociationsAutumn, Sunset, and Lake
KeywordsContracting, Completed, Harvested, and Reflective
Energy FlowInward, Steady, Concentrated, and Consistent
Suggested ActivitySit by a lake and observe the sun set over the water
Take note of the sun contracting as it dips below the horizon
Potential EmotionYou might become aware of end-of-day feelings
Notice if they bring any sensations of contentment, satisfaction, joy, and pleasure
Desirable EmotionTry to harness the emotions of completeness, satisfaction, joy, pleasure, reflection, romance, and inner strength
Undesirable EmotionBe aware of feelings of depression, withdrawal, and inward-looking

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