Psychological Energy of West

Each direction in a house has its own psychological energy and knowing how to harness that energy can enrich your life with the qualities of that direction.

Some key indicators to harness the Psychological Energy of the West Direction, its symbolism, characteristics, energies, and the recommended activities.

  • The Western area of the house symbolises Love and Romance
  • Its characteristics are: Complete, Satisfied, Joyous, Pleased, Reflective, Romantic, Inner Strength, Depressed, Withdrawn, and Inward-Looking
  • Working with the energies of the West can help you in feeling wholeness and oneness

Things to do to harness the energy of the North

  • Spend time with your partner, bonding over common activities
  • Surprise your partner by sending flowers
  • Write a loving/romantic poem/letter for your special someone
  • Complete at least one overdue project each month

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