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Himalayan Rock Salt To Dispel Negative Energy

The health benefits of including Himalayan Rock Salt in food are widely known, however it is can also be used to clean your house’s overall energy and remove any negativity from the aura.

These pink rock crystals are conveniently found in most food outlets.  

Here is how you can use them to dispel any negative energy

  • Bathe: Crush the crystals into a powder form and mix in the bucket of bath water. Take a head bath with this water to cleanse your aura. It is advisable to do this continuously for at least 21 days to see considerable results (doing it for a lifetime does not hurt either) :). This cleanses the aura off any negative energy and helps you feel more vibrant.
  • Clean: Once again, crush the crystals into a powder form and mix it in the water used to wash (sweep) the floors of the house. This instantly cleanses the energy of the house and raises its vibration levels.
  • Place: Take small bits of the rock salt and place them in small glass bowls. Place these bowls in all the four corners of the house. If you want, you can also place them in each corner of your rooms. Make sure to keep it out of reach from children and pets. Ensure to replace the salt in the bowl every week and dispose of the old ones. The rock salts absorb any harmful and negative energy in the house and cleanse the environment. You can also buy rock salt lamps that are widely available in stores and place them in the rooms. This not only helps in cleansing but also lends the house a charming and soothing look.

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