Black Tourmaline For Protection

Tourmaline is found my many colours; however, it is the Black Tourmaline that is known as most the potent for protection. It cleanses, purifies, and transforms any dense energy into a light vibration one.

It can be worn as a pendant/bracelet or placed at home as a small crystal tree. It is easily available in any stores that specialise in crystals, gems, feng shui, etc.


Its qualities include clearing and balancing the chakras, grounding the spiritual energy and last but not the least, forming a protective shield around the body.


Black Tourmaline can clear the aura and remove and disperse any negative blocked energy. It also helps to increase self-confidence, diminishes fearful thoughts and emotions and also helps in gaining a deeper spiritual understanding of the self. The crystal attracts compassion, inspiration, tolerance and prosperity into life.

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