Bhagwad Gita

Dealing with Demotivation – Texts from Bhagwad Gita

The texts from the Bhagwad Gita are curated to help deal with the feelings of demotivation. The Sanskrit texts and their corresponding translations are given below.

Take time to read and understand their core meaning and message, and I hope this helps in elevating the issues with demotivation.

Chapter 11 – Text 33

तस्मात्त्वमुत्तिष्ठ यशो लभस्व जित्वा शत्रुनभुकश्वा राज्यं समृद्धं 

मयैवैते निहताः पूर्वमेवा निमित्तमात्रं भव सव्यसाचिन

Get up and prepare to fight. After conquering your enemies, you will enjoy a flourishing kingdom. They are already put to death by My arrangement, and you, O Savyasachin, are but an instrument in the fight.

Chapter 18 – Text 48

सहजं कर्म कौन्तेय सदोषमपि न त्यजेत 

सर्वारम्भा हि दोषेण धूमेनाग्निरिवावृताः

Every endeavour is covered by some sort of fault, just as fire is covered by smoke. Therefore, one should not give up the work which is born of their nature, O son of Kunti, even if such work is full of fault.

Chapter 18 – Text 78

यत्र योगेश्वरः कृष्णो यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धरः 

तत्र श्रीर्विजयो भूतिर्ध्रुवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम

Wherever there is Krishna, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjun, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality. That is my opinion.

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