From the Ancient Egyptians to the roaming gypsies of Ireland, the art of Tarot has helped humans dive deep into their psyches and to better understand their true selves from times immemorial.  Tarot Cards are one of the oldest tools used today to channel the divine guidance which has helped a lot of people down the ages and continues to do so every single day.

Tarot is an ancient way to get a glimpse into the future, to dive deep into one’s psyche and to better understand one’s true self.   This sacred Divination tool allows you to get a glimpse into your future – an outline of what is possible.  It gives you guidance and outlines before you situations and possible outcomes, giving you clarity and insight.

Reading spreads:

Celtic Cross Spread: Best for an overall view of situations which touches almost every aspect of your life – career, money, relationships and health.

Horoscope Spread: Best done at the beginning of the year; but then anytime during the year is not bad either!

Mirror Spread: Best suited for couples and business partnerships.

3-card Spread: Best suited for guidance on specific questions.

Whether the Celtic Cross Spread to get a full overview of the situations at hand or a 3-card reading for the specific questions bothering you, come, let the Tarot guide you!

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