Energy Healing

Integrative energy therapies involve the use of electromagnetic, ultrasonic, thermal, biofield, or subtle energies. In general, the goal of energy therapies is to balance the energy within a patient or to augment the patient’s energy level. There are many types of energy therapies, and some fit into more than one category of integrative therapy. Examples include healing touch, Reiki, acupuncture, and qigong.

Reiki and Energy Healing

Rei” means God’s Power and “Ki” means Life Force Energy.  Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy which helps in healing your mind, body and soul.  Reiki is done both as local hands-on healing as well as a distance healing.

Reiki is an ancient non-invasive healing art which is deeply loving and relaxing.  It helps you to detoxify any residual or long-held emotional blocks, therefore, allowing the physical body to heal and rejuvenate along with achieving emotional wellbeing.  With its roots in India and Tibet, this ancient energy healing technique has been helping many all over the world.

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