Tanya is my favourite tarot reader in the whole world: she’s intuitive and kind, she listens, encourages, warns. If you’re looking for answers to the great questions of life that still feel human and doable, she should be your first choice. I always leave our sessions refreshed, resolute and confident.

~Agatha, Belgium

Tanya was great. She was quick, efficient, yet surprisingly detailed. She answered my questions quickly and with such ease! I instantly felt calmer after our session because I felt like she pointed me in a direction. As for her predictions, only time can tell! Overall, a great first experience and I would definitely recommend her.

~A. Hua, California

Dear Tanya, I am so glad that I came across your psychic profile on this page and decided to contact you for a reading. You immediately picked up a health issue that I have been struggling with for some time and also gave me excellent advice of how to get this resolved. You also picked up two other most prevalent issues in my life straight away. I have never come across a better psychic reader in my life than Tanya. Truly and sincerely recommend! Thank you 🙂

~M. Harjo, Leeds

Ms. Raj gave me a wonderful reading. Not only was she very informative, but she was also very specific and clear. She answered all my questions directly and gave me time frames for her predictions. This was one of the most accurate readings I’ve ever gotten, plus she’s really nice! I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking for reading. Thanks Ms. Raj for your services :)!

~ C. Nnebe, Arlington

Tanya, I wanted to thank you very much for the accurate tarot reading that was fast and to the point which I had with you yesterday. In my heart I know that your predictions were accurate and I look forward to seeing them happening :). Tanya thanks again for the accuracy and details you provided 🙂

~B.G., Albania

For Ms Tanya, what should I begin with… THANK YOU would be the first word that emerges as I start to write few words to for this amazingly talented personality.  Her tarot reading is so much in depth and so accurate that it makes one wonder whether she is true living or some transformed divine being in front giving the reading. While I was so confused and lost seeking answers for questions I did not have, Ms Tanya read out my questions and answers.  She not only found answers for me but also made me see ME. The ME, I was missing and searching.  One has to take her reading to believe what wonders she can bring. A total life transforming experience. Cheers to the good work. God bless.

~ M. Singh, Singapore.

Tanya is one of the best fortune teller and tarot card reader I ever came across, her reading and predictions are so accurate that I was very impressed in my first visit itself. She helped me to understand what my current life situation is and what is expected in future and the ways I could deal with those adverse situations. I am a regular visitor to her and every time I visited, her prediction about my life always came true and still holding true as I am moving ahead in my life.

I being a person who is always worried about every cause in my life but she turned out to be very patient in listening every issue and problem of life and provided best solution and prediction around it.

After few minutes of interaction with Tanya for the very first time, I could feel that I am interacting with a person who is actually highly experienced and highly accurate fortune teller and tarot card reader.

After my few readings, I recommended few of my friends to visit her and they too had a very positive feedback about her.

~ H. Gupta, Dallas

For Tanya I have one sentence: Best Tarot reading I have ever had!  Fast, detailed, exact!  My life made clear in 10 minutes!  From my personal relationships, career and health to my spiritual mission and longings!  Tanya also gave me predictions about all these–without stopping to think for a second–like she was reading it from a big screen!  I was dizzy, excited and a bit overwhelmed with all the information after 10 minutes!  I know I can get excited fast, but if I could clap for Tanya I would, as I am sure you will too after you have a reading with her!  I wish on everyone to experience at least once in their life a reading like Tanya gives!

~ L. Duncheva, London

What a positive experience! I had a Tarot reading with Tanya today and everything she said was spot on. She provided extraordinary detail describing what I have been going through in my life, gave me suggestions about how to deal with the negative aspects of it and above all – made me look forward to the future. She was also very sweet, professional and very comforting. I highly recommend Tanya to anyone who is going through a difficult moment in their life or is just curious about what the future holds in store.

~ D. Georgieva, New York

In times of distress, when I was confused and demotivated, I contacted one blessed soul- Tanya Raj – who was kind enough to do a Tarot reading for me. She did a Celtic cross spread and the 3 card reading for me & read about my life with such clarity, touching upon both small and big issues of my life. She oozes a lot of positive energy that helps one absorb the positive energy and be optimistic about future. She will happily tell you the goods and warns you against the bads of your future but as the same time recommends doable remedies and gives very practical suggestions. Thanks Tanya for the readings and I look forward to connect with you whenever I am low or directionless. God Bless!!

~A. Uba, New Delhi

I swear when I say this woman know her stuff, I mean it. She knows what I was feeling. I didn’t have to tell her anything. She let me know what I can look forward to and what I was going through at the time. She was the guide God send me to let me know it will be alright and if I get stuck in life again I will go to her again. That thank you Yahweh and Tanya for your help.

~A. Underwood, Missouri

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