Black Tourmaline For Protection

Tourmaline is found my many colours; however, it is the Black Tourmaline that is known as most the potent for protection. It cleanses, purifies, and transforms any dense energy into a light vibration one. It can be worn as a pendant/bracelet or placed at home as a small crystal tree. It is easily available in… Continue reading Black Tourmaline For Protection

Vaastu/Feng Shui

Himalayan Rock Salt To Dispel Negative Energy

The health benefits of including Himalayan Rock Salt in food are widely known, however it is can also be used to clean your house’s overall energy and remove any negativity from the aura. These pink rock crystals are conveniently found in most food outlets.   Here is how you can use them to dispel any… Continue reading Himalayan Rock Salt To Dispel Negative Energy