Baisakh Sankranti | Yugadi | Gudi Padwa | Bihu | Jur Sital

Today is the start of the Vedic/Hindu new year. This festival goes by many names in different regions pan-India, however, all of them eventually celebrate the turning of the zodiac sign from Pisces to Aries and is symbolic of new beginnings. Throughout the country, this festival represents different flavours of life such as merriment, energy,… Continue reading Baisakh Sankranti | Yugadi | Gudi Padwa | Bihu | Jur Sital

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The Puranas describe Holi as the celebration of love, aptly calling it Kama Mahotsav or Vasant Mahotsav. With a burst of myriad colour, this festival heralds the onset of spring and is celebrated on the last full moon day of the Vedic lunar calendar. There are deep symbolisms to every aspect of this colourful festival,… Continue reading Holi