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Apropos Silence

Silence is not the same as quietness. Where quietness is chosen to be still, silence demands utter discipline. And yet, silence can be as threatening as words. In silence, you can hear the soul of the universe, your own heartbeat, and maybe even God’s breath. It is in silence that we can hear everything that… Continue reading Apropos Silence

Bhagwad Gita

Dealing with Seeking Peace – Texts from Bhagwad Gita

The texts from the Bhagwad Gita are curated to help deal with seeking peace. The Sanskrit texts and their corresponding translations are given below. Take time to read and understand their core meaning and message, and I hope this helps in elevating the issues with seeking peace. Chapter 2 - Text 66 नास्ति बुद्धिरयुक्तस्य न… Continue reading Dealing with Seeking Peace – Texts from Bhagwad Gita